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We regularly send out newsletters with the latest news regarding NIIOS and new innovations in the field of ocular surgery. Below you’ll find these newsletters as PDF downloads in English and Dutch. If you’d like to receive our newsletter, please fill out the registration form beneath this overview. Our newsletters have been compiled with the greatest possible care, we are not liable for any imperfections or inaccuracies.

Newsletters from the past 5 years in English

  • Newsletter 2020. Subjects include: 20 year anniversary, Bowman layer onlay graft as a potential new alternative to keratoplasty, NIIOS Cornea Evenings, Dr. Melles gives Tilanus lecture, E-device for slit-lamp self-imaging by patient developed in collaboration with UCSD/CMRR, Global interest in endothelial cell culture and cell modification techniques, Advanced keratoplasty wetlab courses in Rotterdam, Melles Research Fund thanks 2019 sponsors.
  • Newsletter 2018. Subjects include: Dr. Melles received Helen Keller Award in Baltimore, NIIOS Cornea Evening in Washington, two NIIOS staff members receive PhD in Leiden, Melles Research Fund thanks 2017 sponsors, DMEK to Advanced DMEK to ‘Blind-DMEK’, Wetlabs & Live-streaming OR, EEBA 2019 in Rotterdam.
  • Newsletter 2017. Subjects include: NIIOS launches new website, ‘A disease like this ruins more than just your eyesight’, DMEK & Bowman layer wetlab courses in Rotterdam, DMEK wetlab courses in Birmingham (AL) and Baltimore (US), Live-video streaming DMEK surgeries performed in Rotterdam, NIIOS-USA Cornea Evening, SIGOTT for updated info on advanced keratoplasty techniques.
  • Newsletter 2016. Subjects include: NIIOS receives EU-Grant ‘Horizon 2020’, 10 year DMEK, NIIOS DMEK Evening, first DMEK abstract at 1998 ARVO meeting, NIIOS Cornea Evening, DMEK wetlab courses & live-video streaming, SIGOTT for updated info on advanced keratoplasty.
  • Newsletter 2015. Subjects include: NIIOS textbook on DMEK, NIIOS fellows are spreading DMEK, ‘outsourced’ DMEK graft dissection, the potential royal life of a NIIOS fellow, DMEK live-video streaming, NIIOS wetlab courses.

Newsletters from the past 5 years in Dutch

  • Nieuwsbrief 2018 – februari. Bevat onderwerpen als: Ministerie eist dat oogbanken donorweefsel commercieel gaan aanbieden, EEBA 2019 opnieuw in Rotterdam, NIIOS USA Cornea Evening, twee NIIOS medewerkers gepromoveerd in Leiden, MRF verwelkomt vele donateurs, DMEK to Advanced DMEK to blind-DMEK, wetlabs, live-streaming OR & Refereeravonden.
  • Nieuwsbrief 2017 – juni. Bevat onderwerpen als: NIIOS lanceert website 3.0, ‘A disease like this ruins more than just your eyesight’, NIIOS PROTECT, NIIOS Cornea Evening, Dr. Melles ontvangt Keller Award.
  • Nieuwsbrief 2015 – september. Bevat onderwerpen als: Streven naar gering operatierisico en stabiele visus bij keratoconus, NIIOS fellows verspreiden DMEK, MRF verwelkomt donateurs, NIIOS ontvangt EU-Grant ‘Horizon 2020’, MCMF concert, SIGOTT vraagbank voor DMEK, leven van een NIIOS Fellow.
  • Nieuwsbrief 2015 – januari. Bevat onderwerpen als: Preventieprogramma transplantaat-afstoting, NIIOS tekstboek over DMEK, DMEK avond in Londen, Dr. Moutsouris gekozen tot president NIIOS alumni 2015, Bowman Layer transplantatie voor keratoconus, sclerale lenzen vaak goede tussenoplossing.

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